Web Analytics

Hudson Valley Web Analytics

It is important to know where your online marketing efforts are successful and where they are falling short. The best way to analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns is by measuring and studying user behaviors. The internet has made it possible to track how your customers arrive at your site, what links they click on, what webpages they spend the most time on, which webpages tend to make them leave, and most importantly, which webpages are the most effective in leading them to a sale.

We can even track click paths of users that arrive on your Utah site and provide the means for you to chat with them to answer questions or close the sale. Click path analysis also provides an examination into website usability–which can be improved by noting which links and material users tend to avoid or tend to gravitate to. Our experience in managing websites has provided a rich set of data which allows us to counsel clients about small changes that can be made within a website to better engage and retain more users and acquire clients. By producing Utah analytics reports and real-time monitoring of user behavior, we can help your business focus on what is most effective in producing a return on your investment.