Email Marketing

Hudson Valley Email Marketing

A buyer often conceives of the idea of making a purchase many months out of actually purchasing the product or service. Depending on the product, many customers are in an exploratory stage and are ready to take the leap six months or more away from an initial website inquiry. Although some businesses are great at generating prospect leads, they fall short at maintaining contact with customers and providing them value from the exploratory stages all the way to the commencement of a serious search and purchase.

How can businesses stay at the front-of-mind of their buyer prospects when they are ready to take a more serious step?

One way is to provide valuable insights, tips and reminders to those potential customers who have furnished you their email address. Over the years, we have designed and tweaked our Utah drip email campaigns to maximize customer retention and customer loyalty and generate new leads. Upon setting up your drip email campaign, we provide you with you the most effective and proven messages that will encourage customers to contact you when they are ready to take the next step.